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    WhatToWearHiking.com is your #1 resource for finding the best hiking gear online. With expert opinions and articles, informative reviews and helpful charts and lists to narrow down your options, we aim to make choosing any hiking gear you need a cinch.

    As you move from beginner to intermediate and advanced you’ll often find yourself asking “What should I wear today?” when preparing for a hike. There are many factors to consider from weather, trail type, season and your personal preferences and having the right gear can take your hike from a sweaty mess in the hot noon sun with cotton clothing and a heavy pair of boots to a pleasant day in the sun with a sturdy pair of hiking sandals and breathable fabrics.

    If you have questions, we aim to have the answer, for any hiking related questions but specifically on the best things to wear and when. In-depth reviews on new and time tested products and gear will help you make the decision on what to get based on a number of factors like price, comfort and durability so you get what fits your style.

    Hiking is a fun and healthy way to get active and enjoy the outdoors so long as you are safe and get the right information beforehand. So whether you’re just starting or are an avid long distance backpacker, WhatToWearHiking.com will answer your questions about the best gear and more.

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