Hi-Tec Men’s Flagstaff/Women’s Ohio Review

    The Hi-Tec Men’s Flagstaff (Women’s Ohio) hiking boots are a phenomenal value for a true hiking boot, they go above and beyond almost anything else in their price range. The most impressive thing to mention is the waterproofing, usually, less expensive boots and those not built for hiking will have no waterproofing or it will be of very poor quality, but this is not the case with the Flagstaff as it offers a full waterproof bootie which actually does the job well. This is in addition to the other hiking features it boasts such as the gusseted tongue, multi-directional lugs and EVA midsole.

    hi-tec women's ohio boots review

    Hi-Tec Women’s Ohio Boots

    hi tec flagstaff boots

    Hi-Tec Men’s Flagstaff Boots


    Full Boot NameHi-Tec Flagstaff Waterproof Hiking Boots
    Sizes for Men and WomenYes
    Men's Flagstaff Model
    Women's Ohio Model
    WaterproofingWaterproof Bootie
    Ion-mask Waterproofing
    Sole MaterialMulti-Directional Lugs on Rubber Sole
    Mid SoleCompression Molded EVA
    Upper MaterialSuede Leather
    Recommended UsesWalking
    Day Hiking
    Light backpacking
    User Ratings4.4/5 for Men
    4.1/5 for Women
    What To Wear Hiking Weighted Rating4.4 Stars
    Approximate Weight (per pair)2.2 lbs
    Break in TimeVery Low
    Color Choices2
    FittingUsually fits true to size
    Picturehi tec flagstaff boots
    Price Point ($=Low $$$$=High)
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    The biggest strength of the Flagstaff and Ohio boots are that they combine the options you want in a hiking boot at the lowest price possible. Starting at the bottom with the Multi-Directional lugs for increased traction and a lightweight “fork shank” for longer hikes. The midsole is EVA for better impact absorption and on the inside you will find an Ortholite sockliner for anti-odor and bacterial protection, extra cushioning and breathability.

    A hiking boot that isn’t both waterproof and breathable is not one you want to be wearing a few miles into your hike. These do have waterproofing in the form of a bootie along with Ion-mask (waterproofing technology, it is not Gore-Tex as you will be familiar with from most high end hiking boots but it does the job in most situations).

    Other standard features you’d expect such as a gusseted tongue to keep out debris and quick tie, rustproof upper lace hooks are included for a bit of customization in lacing. They also offer 2E sizes for wider feet.

    Lastly, the construction looks like a regular high top shoe and because of this is very light and have a very quick, almost non-existent, break in period though this does mean they aren’t as sturdy as some heavier versions, but they do fit in very well if you use them for everyday activities.

    Hi-Tec Sizing Chart

    US (Men's)EU (Men's)UK (Men's)US (Women's)EU (Women's)UK (Women's)

    When ordering, try to find a pair of boots or shoes you have that fit well and compare the 3 different sizes with those found here. If your shoe is US size 8 and UK size 7.5 (a larger size than the Hi-Tec chart) then it likely means that Hi-Tec boots will run slightly larger than the boots you have. Unfortunately Hi-Tec doesn’t provide a measurement chart for sizing., however they do offer the 2E size for wider feet.

    Remember to always use the correct socks when fitting boots.

    Hi-Tec Men’s Flagstaff WP and Women’s Ohio WP Review

    Rating - Hi-Tec FlagStaff/Ohio
    • Comfort
    • Support
    • Traction
    • Water Resistance
    • Durability


    flagstaff mdt lugs

    Multi-Directional Lugs for extra traction


    The Good Side

    Extremely lightweight and comfortable but with the hiking features you need like a reinforced shank, great traction and breathable waterproofing. Even though the most impressive factor in this boot is its ability to combine all these things at such a low price, our ratings don’t account for price, only for quality, which should let you know that this is something special.

    Easy break-in and an everyday style and comfort make it great for day hikes and other short trips.

    The Downside

    From reading the rest of this review you might think that this boot is too good to be true, but there are some downsides. The lightweight construction with easy breakin makes it less sturdy, so it doesn’t provide the support for your foot for longer hikes and it is not likely to last quite as long either. The waterproofing, while adequate for most, isn’t Gore-Tex and therefore isn’t up to the level of some higher end boots, if you’re going through the rain or spending a fair bit of time in wet conditions it may not hold up as well.

    It also lacks some more advanced features like a locking eyelet lacing system and toe or heel caps which you may be looking for.

    Finally, due to the lightweight nature, these are better for shorter hikes as they don’t have the support to carry you through long treks like multi-day backpacking or really rough and uphill terrain, so keep that in mind when making your choice.

    The Final Word

    This is an introductory or mid-level hiking boot with an exceptional price and great features. Always consider your own needs and experience when buying a boot and choose one that is going to match those needs. These boots will give you everything you need to get out on the trails and hike in comfort and if you’re just getting into hiking and don’t want to drop a lot of cash on boots they’re highly recommended.

    However you should take some time to look at the hiking boot comparison chart and guide and compare your needs with some other options if you need help making a choice.

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