Keen Targhee II Review – Men’s and Women’s

    The pride and joy of the Keen name, the Targhee II will give you extreme comfort right of the box; with top notch features like high quality waterproofing, high traction soles and great adjustable lacing, you might expect that this would be on the high end of the price scale but somehow the Keen Targhee II is one of the most affordable boots out there. Almost unheard of for its level of quality.

    keen targhee ii mid ankle boot

    Men’s Keen Targhee II Mid Boot in Black Olive/Yellow


    Women’s Keen Targhee II in Raven/Bossa Nova



    Full Boot NameKeen Targhee II Hiking Boots
    Sizes for Men and WomenYes
    WaterproofingKEEN.DRY Membrane
    Sole MaterialNon-Marking Rubber
    Mid SoleDual Density Compression Molded EVA
    Upper MaterialNubuck Leather with Textile Design
    Sole SupportTorsion Stability ESS Shank
    Recommended UsesDay Hiking
    Wide Toes
    Trail Hiking
    Muddy and Wet Rocky Terrain
    User Ratings4.3/5
    What To Wear Hiking Weighted Rating4.5 Stars (90%)
    Approximate Weight (per pair)2.1 lbs
    Break in TimeNone
    Color ChoicesMens - 5
    Womens - 8
    FittingTrue to Size
    Picturekeen targhee ii mid
    Price Point ($=Low $$$$=High)
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    One thing you’ll surely be wondering about when it comes to the Keen brand is their waterproofing – the proprietary KEEN.DRY system. Compared to the industry standard Gore-Tex, KEEN.DRY stands up extremely well, both in terms of breathability and outright protection from water. The difference is hardly noticeable at first and keeping the Gore-Tex brand name off of it is one of the big factors that helps keep the price point much lower. When we consider comfort, usually there is a little break in period, but the Targhee II is ready to go right out of the box. The material is soft and comfortable, but still provides good support in both the ankle and sole. Speaking of comfort, we should talk about the great lacing system, with a helpful middle eyelet which really gives you a lot of control over fit in the heel and ankle. The Targhee is still rated as a lightweight boot though, so support and ankle stability are not as good as you might find in a good quality midweight boot like the Salomon Quest 4D GTX, but that might be a good thing for your comfort levels depending on the length and difficulty of your hikes. NOTE – A production run of Targhee II’s made in 2012 and sold in 2013 had some issues with the sole coming loose from the boot. This issue was fixed and currently distributed new boots don’t have this issue.

    Keen Sizing Chart


    Keen Targhee II Review and Ratings

    • Comfort 30%
    • Stability 25%
    • Traction 20%
    • Water Resistance 15%
    • Durability 10%

    The Good Side

    This hiking boot is an absolute steal in the price department for the quality in comfort, weight and traction especially. In muddy and wet conditions the traction is almost unmatched thanks to the high traction rubber sole and especially the lug placement with emphasis on side control.

    The Keen S3 heel support is also a big help, as it keeps your heel stable inside the boot and provides increased cushioning for the comfort we were talking about. If weight is a factor you’ll be pleased to strap these on and add only 2.1 lbs to your overall weight (size 8), which for a boot with a sole this good is a real feat. The final feature to mention is seen right out in front.

    keen targhee ii lugs

    Great multidirectional lug design

    Our Keen Targhee II review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the aggressive toe protection which is thicker and comes up higher than with other similar boots. If you’ve had trouble with bashing your toes or you are going to be doing a bit of climbing over rocky areas this will come in very handy.

    The Downside

    With comfort and lightweight there comes some trouble with durability especially in that impressive toe area which seems to wear much faster than normal, which also causes problems with the waterproofing. With heavy use you may experience problems in the side seams and lacing system as well. The sole, with its heavy side lug placement that performs so well on wet rocks and muddy ground does have a downfall, and it comes in the form of loose gravel in the ½”-¾” range.

    The Final Word

    The major trade off seems to be that this boot isn’t quite as long lasting, but it makes up for it in comfort and price. This isn’t to say that it will fall apart after your first day, you can expect to put well over 1000 miles into the Targhee II before you’ll be back at the shops. If you are looking for a comfortable, lightweight boot that can tackle wet, rocky or muddy terrain at a very reasonable price then look no further.

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