Salomon Quest 4D GTX Review – Men’s and Women’s

    The Salomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking boot is simply the best light to mid weight hiking boots you are going to get. It comes in and hits every major ranking factor extremely well, plus looks great while doing it. Of course it has some downsides, as no boot is perfect, and it simply may not be the best fit for your chosen activity or climate, however for an all-around boot this is one your should look into and seriously consider. salomon quest 4d gtx womens best-hiking-boots-salomon-quest-4d


    Full Boot NameSalomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boots
    Sizes for Men and WomenYes
    WaterproofingGore-Tex Breathable Lining
    Waterproof Bootie
    Sole MaterialContragrip Rubber Blend
    Mid SoleLightweight Dual Density EVA
    Upper MaterialNylon
    Suede Leather
    Sole SupportTPU Plate
    Recommended UsesDay Hiking
    Rocky Areas
    Light Trailblazing
    User Ratings4.7/5
    What To Wear Hiking Weighted Rating4.75 Stars (95%)
    Approximate Weight (per pair)2.8 lbs
    Break in TimeVery Low
    Color Choices7
    FittingTrue to Size
    Picturesalomon quest 4d gtx
    Price Point ($=Low $$$$=High)
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    Quest 4D’s come standard with Ortholite foam insoles which feature a specialized EVA heel cup with added support and cushioning. Ortholite not only does not break down over time and have antimicrobial protection, but it is a slow recovery foam designed to compress over time to take the shape of your foot, providing you with a customized fit and keep your feet cool and dry. Rubber toe and heel caps not only provide protection for your toes but they also make the boot more durable and less likely to be damaged. The 4D chassis TPU midsole, based on Salomon trail running technology, helps reduce ankle strain, provide superior stability and control flex, which allows you to stay on the trail longer, go farther and feel better at the end of the day.

    salomon quest 4d gtx review

    1200 miles and still kicking

    The tongue is padded and gusseted for comfort by relieving lace pressure across the top of the foot and prevent debris from getting inside your boot and disturbing your hike. Contagrip sole is designed for exceptional traction with lugs designed to keep you on the ground without slipping. The waterproofing is top of the line with the Gore-Tex membrane bootie design. Dual lacing allows you to control the tension of top and bottom laces separately, for better fit and comfort.

    Salomon Sizing Chart

    Size of Your Foot (IN)
    Size to Order4.555.566.577.588.599.5
    Size of Your Foot (IN)1111.211.3711.5511.7211.912.0712.2512.4212.6
    Size to Order1010.51111.51212.51313.51414.5
    How to Use the Chart

    1. Wear the socks you will be using with your boots
    2. Stand with your heels against a wall or other 90° angle and place a sheet of paper or cardboard under your foot
    3. Mark  the distance from the back of your foot to just in front of your big toe
    4. Measure this distance in inches and use the chart above to find the correct size

    Salomon Quest 4D GTX Review and Ratings

    • Comfort 30%
    • Stability 25%
    • Traction 20%
    • Water Resistance 15%
    • Durability 10%

    The Good Side

    As we’ve been over, this boot is absolutely top of the line in all aspects of its construction. Starting at the base with the Contagrip sole you’ll get excellent traction on all terrain types which makes it great for going over rocks, along trails, through grass and over trees. Lightweight construction of the midsole based on top of the line Salomon trailrunning shoes mean it is comfortable over long distances and reduces strain on your foot. The upper portion of the shoe is suede leather with nylon designs making it lighter and more breathable than a full leather boot while the Gore-Tex provides waterproofing.

    The special locking eyelet which separates the forefoot and ankle lacing areas and lets your change the tension for your comfort. An overview of the good side, this is an extremely comfortable and extremely waterproof boot that is still lightweight and breathable. It provides excellent support both in the ankle and the sole of the foot while protecting you at the toe and heel as well. It is extremely durable with a fast break in period, so you can use it almost right out of the box and it will last for many years and many miles.

    The Downside

    As you might imagine with an extremely awesome boot with all these features, it has a price tag to match. It is not the most expensive boot out there but neither is it designed to be an introductory boot and the pricing reflects that. Thanks to its durability it makes a good investment as it will last a long time, but depending on your activity level you may only be interested in a less expensive, beginner level boot. The boot is also designed with a slight slope forward to give you an aggressive stance which provides increased efficiency and comfort while walking.However this also leads to it being slightly less comfortable when not walking as you might notice that you have to adjust your stance when standing around.

    Lastly, they are exceptionally waterproof, however like all boots, they are not designed to be completely submerged for extended periods and if they get wet can take some time to dry out, however this is more a function of them being a true hiking boot with a sturdy build and good support, rather than a lighter weight shoe or sandal, though they do take slightly longer to dry than some other models of boot.

    The Final Word

    This is an exceptionally good boot and although the price reflects this, we would say that it is very well priced, given how comfortable and how long it will last you. The design is for those hikers who want to cover a lot of ground but also carry some good weight with them, making it one of the best backpacking boots available as well as one of the best hiking boots. The main consideration you need to make is whether you are in the market for an amazing boot with a bit higher price, or are just looking to get your foot in the door so to speak and go for a less expensive, less comfortable and less durable boot to start off with.

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