Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX Hiking Boot Review

    The original Breeze, released in 2004, has been among the top hiking boots on the market for the last 10 years. Now, after all those years of testing, technological improvements and feedback, the Breeze 2.0 GTX has been released, improving on the original while preserving all the quality and becoming lighter, more breathable and more durable with some of the best features available built in. True to its name, it makes putting miles down on the trails a real breeze.

    vasque breeze 2.0 slate brown/russet orange color

    Men’s Slate Brown/Russet Orange Color

    vasque breeze 2.0 women's

    Women’s Gargoyle/African Violet Color


    Full Boot NameVasque Breeze 2.0 GTX Hiking Boots
    Sizes for Men and WomenYes
    Kid's sizes as well
    WaterproofingGore-Tex Membrane
    Sole MaterialVibram Contact sole with XSTrek Compound
    Mid SoleLightweight Dual Density EVA
    Upper MaterialNubuck Leather
    Abrasion-resistant air mesh
    Sole SupportTPU Torsion Control Chassis
    Recommended UsesDay Hiking
    Backpacking and Ultralight
    Rocky Areas
    Warmer Temps
    Loose gravel or dirt trails
    User Ratings4.4/5
    What To Wear Hiking Weighted Rating4.4 Stars (88%)
    Approximate Weight (per pair)2.5 lbs
    Break in TimeVery Low
    Color Choices2 for Men's
    2 for Women's
    1 for Kid's
    FittingSometimes differs by 1/2 size
    Usually true to size
    Picturevasque breeze 2.0 slate brown/russet orange color
    Price Point ($=Low $$$$=High)
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    breeze vibram treat lug design

    Excellent Lugs – See the “brakes” on the heel and toe

    Our Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX boot review is starting from the bottom. The outsole is true Vibram rubber and has a proprietary Vasque lug design, the XSTrek; the traction on any surface, loose gravel, uneven rock or even slick mud is seriously high end. As well there is a special heel lug formation designed to act as a brake for going downhill for extra control.

    The midsole contains a TPU plate to support your foot and metatarsals while still being flexible enough for you to move forward comfortably and stay stable. The insole is dual density EVA which provides the proper cushioning while resisting wear and tear. In addition to these features, there is a molded rubber toe cap extending from the outsole for further protection against bumps.

    The upper portion of the boot is waterproof nubuck leather with a Gore-Tex membrane for waterproofing. For extreme breathability the upper construction also includes abrasion resistant mesh patterned into the sides and on the gusseted tongue. Together with the Gore-Tex this makes it one of the most breathable boots around. Lastly, the lacing system includes speed lacing upper eyelets and a mid-height hook which allows for differing top and bottom lacing tightness and easy lace up and tightening of the upper laces.

    Size Chart

    US (Men's)EU (Men's)UK (Men's)US (Women's)EU (Women's)UK (Women's)

    * indicates size not available

    This boot is available in Narrow, Medium and Wide sizes.

    When ordering, try to find a pair of boots or shoes you have that fit well and compare the 3 different sizes with those found here. If your shoe is US size 8 and UK size 6.5 (a larger size than this chart) then it likely means that a Vasque boots will run, in US sizes, slightly smaller than the boots you have.

    Remember to always use the correct socks when fitting boots.

    Reviews and Ratings

    • Comfort
    • Stability
    • Traction
    • Water Resistance
    • Durability

    The Good Side

    breeze 2.0 castlerock-solar power color

    Men’s Castle Rock/Solar Power Colors

    What stands out the most about the Breeze 2.0 is what can be found underneath it. Though it is lightweight, has good waterproofing and a super lace system the part that makes it stand out is the sole, specifically the outsole. With the Vasque exclusive Vibram Contact sole with XSTrek Compound, as it is called, you will get simply incredible traction.

    The Vibram material is well known as the best on the market for good traction, but when combined with the lug design including organic, geometric and serrated patterns it becomes even better. The other interesting thing about the sole is the design of the heel and toe, which has a back facing slant which doesn’t interfere with regular walking, but kicks into action when you are going down hill providing extra traction and a braking mechanism to slow your descent; especially useful for loose gravel or dirt paths.

    Also, thanks to the air mesh built into the design and the Gore-Tex membrane this is one of the most breathable, lightweight boots around which means even though it is a boot, and heavier than a shoe or sandal, it will still keep your foot cool in hot climates while giving you the added support of a boot.

    The Downside

    women's breeze 2.0 slate brown/bluefish

    Women’s Slate Brown/Bluefish Color

    The drawback from having extreme breathability and a lot of mesh is that some waterproofing is lost from a full leather construction (and it won’t be as easy to re-waterproof), even with the Gore-Tex membrane. So while they are waterproof and lightweight, they may not hold up as well as some other boots. Additionally, though they are easy to break in the lighter weight construction, with more seams to incorporate the mesh may lead to them not lasting quite as long as an all leather variety. This means that you’ll have to decide for yourself whether you are more interested in lightweight and breathable or more waterproof and longer lasting.

    Another thing to watch out for is that many people report that sizing is half a size smaller than they are used to, so please make sure to check with the sizing chart (which uses official Vasque size info) and measure your feet properly when ordering these.

    The Final Word

    This is an exceptional boot, for men, women and children as well, which is nice to see. A little better for the warmer, dryer hikes it is extremely comfortable and lightweight with little break in time. With one of the best soles out there today it will keep your feet firmly attached to whatever you decide to take on and all at a very reasonable price for the quality. Is this the boot for you? If you’re still deciding you can check out the boot comparison chart, though, with over 10 years of research and testing going into the design of the Vasque Breeze 2.0 I suppose we should expect it to be pretty great.

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